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The Image of ‘Perfection’

Well where do we start with that… Social media is an amazing tool, but it also has its well publicised downfalls. How many of us are guilty of only posting the perfect picture?

Whether on a personal profile or a business page the image of perfection is never the full or true story.

You could say when running a business that’s not a bad thing, at the end of the day you are selling yourself and need to sell the best version of everything you do. BUT even that portrays an unhelpful false image in some ways.

If you run your own business big or small, how many times do you hear ‘Oh you’re so lucky to work from home’ or ‘I wish I didn’t have to go to work’…Yes – I do think I’m very lucky to run my own businesses and have the opportunity to work from home. What people don’t see are the constant juggling act that goes on for so many people.

The Perfect Cake

You see the perfect social media image of a beautiful cake that you just know tastes amazing, what you don’t see is the three year old sitting on the kitchen floor learning her letters while mummy multi tasks; teaching letters, baking, thinking about marketing, pricing, have I drank any water today, what on earth we are all going to have for dinner, wondering if said small person has eaten their five a day, thinking I really need to fit in some exercise to counter the cake offcuts that have been consumed and drinking tea all at once.

The early mornings and late nights, because that is the only chance you get for uninterrupted work time. The sums going around your head wondering if you have made more money this month than the bills going out of the account, and how much you need to invest for future success.

As parents working from home we have perfected the art of being a swan (most of the time) looking serene and as if everything is under control, whilst the legs are frantically swimming.

None of us are perfect all of the time, we all have off days, I have had days where I have forgotten how to bake (who knew that was possible) wasted time, and money on ingredients on less than perfect products that have not made the cut, and the odd one that’s ended up in food waste (and I really hate waste)!

Not that I am complaining of course, I am really lucky to have two jobs which I love very much. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know that the money I earn is mine, I deserve it, I work for it and if anyone gets anything out of me for nothing that’s my own fault, not because an employer is taking the ***s.

So for anyone thinking of taking the plunge into entrepreneurship take a good look at your lifestyle, what you are happy to give up for your dream, what compromises you can make, how hard you are willing to work.

And of course look beneath the surface of the image of perfection and see what it really takes to be successful.

It is a great balancing act, but one that is really rewarding when you get it right.

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