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About me

I love baking and feeding people… my lovely partner Gav can sometimes be heard to complain that he has a caked up colon, but he does also complain if there is no cake in the house.

I loved baking growing up, but it never crossed my mind that at some point it would turn into more than a hobby. I have spent most of my life working with or around horses in one way or another with very little time for baking. But fast forward a few (several) years and baking has again found its way into my life.

I have made 100’s of cakes for various occasions from birthdays to weddings, retirements and congratulations. Multiple tiered or a box of cupcakes it has always been really important to me that the cake tastes as good as it looks. This has it’s own challenges as decorating a master piece takes time – a lot more time than you might realise, so making sure the cake itself is as fresh as possible but also feasible to decorate resulted in many many late nights, early mornings, probably a few tears of frustration and the ‘occasional’ swear word.

Although I still do the occasional decorated cake – they are now generally for friends and family. With bills to pay and a small person growing up, fast cake decorating needed to become a hobby again rather than a form of income. Although I do miss seeing the genuine joy on people’s faces when they see something they love created out of cake, I will still get to see my daughters face on her birthday when she gets the cake of her dreams every year. Although I do have some concerns over what her choices will be in the next few years.

Usually I am really busy throughout the spring and summer with my other passion which is my Confidence Camp business which I run with my awesome best friend Liz. Equiteam Confidence Camps grew from a little nugget of an idea to run Pony Club camps for grown ups. It grew more than we dreamed possible, with an amazing group of supportive ladies and gents that keep coming back again and again along with new riders every camp. Our ethos is to support, motivate and inspire each other what ever level we are riding at.

Six years on we should have been having our busiest year. Sadly Covid-19 put a halt on that. So with camps on hold and in lockdown I figured baking would be a good therapy and use of time. My rocky road tiffin is really popular with campers, and although I have always posted the odd box out here and there, the Coronavirus seems to have made cakes through the post more popular than ever. So I now spend every Sunday and usually Monday baking and parceling up boxes of Tiffin, Brownies and other traybakes to be posted all over the UK.

If my cakes or one of my recipes can put a smile on someones face then that is enough to make me a happy if slightly crazy cake lady.