Bakewell Shortbread Slices

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Bakewell Shortbread Slices really are deliciousness in a bar and with no pastry the chances of a soggy bottom are slim! Bakewell Shortbread

Useful tips before you start:

If you have a food processor this is the quickest and easiest method but it can be made by hand too.

I use foil trays for bakes like this – you can buy them from Lakeland, Wilco, Tesco and various online stores, they measure about 7 x 12 inches, but you could uses a 9 inch square tray or any other dimension roughly the same size. If you are using foil trays you can just grease them as they’re flexible enough to peel off, but I would advise using greaseproof paper to line metal tins.

Your butter for the shortbread base needs to be cold, but the butter for the almond layer needs to be soft so take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you start (depending on the temperature of your kitchen)

You can use literally any flavour jam, I used half raspberry and half blackcurrant on the first batch as  I didn’t have enough of either flavour.  I think it would be great with Black cherry jam or maybe lemon curd for a change.  Whatever you choose make sure you have at least half a jar of it.

To make your glace icing – sift your icing sugar into a bowl and very gradually add small amounts of warm water, mixing all the time until you have a thick spreadable consistency.

If you don’t fancy having a go at making them your self – you can always order a tray on my Cakes By Post page.